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How to get here

How to get here


How do you arrive in Skopelos, Skiathos and Alonnisos ( Alonissos ) , Northern Sporades . ALL SCHEDULES TO NORTHERN SPORADES SKIATHOS SKOPELOS ALONISSOS from , to Volos, Agios Konstantinos, Evia Mantoudi, Evia Kimi and Thessaloniki.

At this point, the first general information will be given you, while on section By Ferry ( Full Detalis ) you can read more detailed information.

Skopelos lies between the islands of Skiathos and Alonnisos.

Skopelos is 60 nautical miles from Volos, 61 nm from the harbor of Agios Konstantinos (situated in the prefecture of Fthiotida in Central Greece, and together with the port of Kimi and Evia Mantoudi serve visitors from Athens and rest of Centarl and South Greece by the height of Lamia and south), 45 nautical miles from Kimi (Evia), 24 nautical miles from Mantoudi (Evia) and 120 nm from Thessaloniki.

The island has three ports. The main port of Skopelos, Glossa port ( Loutraki seaport port of Glossa village ) and Agnontas ( a south west port which is used on some days when the north winds hinder the approach to the harbor of Skopelos).


To Skopelos and about Skiathos and Alonnisos you can travel by ferry, catamarans ( flying cat ) and hydrofoils ( flying dolphins ). In addition Skiathos can be reached by plane From Athens and abroad.

The high tourist season on the island of Skopelos is July and August. Be sure to obtain and your return tickets when visiting the island mainly in August ( 01-18 ).

travel to Skopelos
The island is connected to the following mainland and islands ports:The islands are interconnected throughout the year.
Mainland Ports :Ports in the islands All year around:
Volos 61n.m All year aroundSkiathos 18 n.m
Agios Konstantinos (Fthiotida Central Greece) 62 nm ALMOST ALL THE TIME (Summer - September or after Easter) by your own car or ferry company bus service.Glossa’s port Loutraki, Skopelos, about 37 km from Skopelos Chora , 13 n.m, less km from the shorter road
Evia Kimi 45 n.m ( Summer to Sep and with Skiros )
    with your own car or motor bike, or with the bus service KTEL EVIAS to Chalkis and Kimi ( from Athens Liossion bus station)
Alonnisos 8 n.m
Evia Mantoudi 24 n.m ( Summer to Sep and with Skiros )
    with your own car or motor bike, or with the bus service KTEL EVIAS to Chalkis and Mantoudi ( from Athens Liossion bus station)
The Thessaloniki port 106 nm only in summer as in September (otherwise via Volos and Suburban train or Bus Magnesia KTEL Magnisias Volos).
travel to Skopelos
 Travel Duration From Skopelos
By boat (cars + passengers) ,  catamaran Flying cat (only passengers) or Flying Dolphin (only passengers) : (some routes stop , dont pass from Glossa or end their trips on Glossa port, for Glossa calculate a shorter time of travel about 20 to 40 minutes) . Also if the ferry is travelling from Skiathos direct to Skopelos the time of travel is shorter.
By boat Volos Skopelos: 3 hours 45 minutes to 4 hours and 15 minutes
By catamaran Volos Skopelos: Flying Cat 2 hours and 50 minutes, with flying dolphin 2 hours.
By ferry boat Agios Konstantinos Skopelos:4 hours and 20 minutes
By catamaran Agios Konstantinos Skopelos: Flying Dolphin 2 hours, Flying Cat 3 hours, Speed ​​Cat 2 hours and 20 minutes (The route Athens - Agios Konstantinos for those of you who have your own car is 180 km)
passengers of buses of Alkyon Travel office (HELLENIC SEAWAYS and 2WAYFERRIES) and Jeta Tours (AQUA FERRIES, AEGEAN FLYING DOLPHINS) Athens - Agios Konstantinos usually depart three and a half to four hours earlier from Kaningos Square Akadimias 97 and Nikis 54 and Fillelinon respectively.
By boat Evia Kimi Skopelos3 hours and 05 minutes
(The route ATHENS - EVIA KIMI for those of you who have your own car is 175 km, for those who are passengers there is a morning departure of the bus Ktel Evias to Evia Chalkida - Kimi)
By boat Evia Mantoudi Skopelos (Glossa):1 hour 30 minutes or 1 hour and 45 minutes
(The route ATHENS - EVIA MANTOUDI for those of you who have your own car 145 km). There is departure of bus Ktel Evias to Chalkis, Evia - Mantoudi.
By boat THESSALONIKI SKOPELOS:5 hours and 20 minutes. The line is not consistently available every year.
IF THERE IS NO DEPARTURE FROM SHIP THESSALONIKI You can travel to Volos Volos Thessaloniki with many daily departues of buses Ktel Magnisias Volos 2 hours and 30 minutes, or by train 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Most of the ferries that depart from Volos , Agios Konstantinos first pass from Skiathos and continue to Skopelos and Alonnisos.

The route from Evia Kimi connects Skiros with Kimi and then to Alonissos and Skopelos.

The route from Evia Mantoudi linking Evia with Skopelos (Glossa port) and Skiathos.

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Airports near Skopelos


Skopelos has no airport but there nearby airports Skiathos named National Airport of Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis JSI (Skiathos airport)

Nearby airports are the airports of NEW AGHIALOS (VOLOS AIRPORT). Also many overseas visitors choose to fly to Athens or Thessaloniki and then by airplane to Skiathos and then to Skopelos or via the ferry connections via Volos , Thessaloniki , Agios Konstantinos, Kimi and Mantoudi.

travel to Skopelos
Important Notes
Your tickets may be purchased:
      a) Via the Internet on Ferry companies official web sites and after book and before enter the ferry you will have to go to any of the partner agencies of the shipping company or the company’s office at the port of departure to get the printed ticket Boarding Pass (for free). Some ferry companies have and electronic boarding pass .
      b) to buy directly from the partner agencies of the liner
    c) from other websites providing tickets..
In winter there is the possibility that the ship’s will depart only from Volos.
      In Volos you can go by bus KTEL Magnesia Volos or by train via Athens (4 hours) Larissa (1 hour), Volos.
    From Thessaloniki (Bus 2.30 minutes) in the winter (and summer) you can also go by train to suburban Thessaloniki, Larissa and Volos with synchronized response bus or train or by bus from the station KTEL MAGNISIAS on Macedonia Bus Terminal of Thessaloniki.
For Ferryboat unfortunately sometimes the routes disclosed for each season and usually finalized: Shortly before Easter on routes from Easter to the Holy Spirit, just after Easter and later this month on routes through the summer and July for service from 09 September onwards.