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Travel FAQ

Travel FAQ

At this section of the site we will try to answer your questions related to how to get to Skopelos.

Please make questions exclusively related to travel informations, for everything else (except for information for bookings of the accommodations , as responsible for the reservations are the owners of the accommodations) , you can contact Skopelos Web Site from the contact us section on the footer of the site or at the email info@skopelosweb.gr

Your comment will be available after approval. Because your comment will be public please avoid any personal information.

The most important and helpful to other visitors questions will be presented on this page ( Bellow Disqus section )

We wish you a good trip to Skopelos island.

Often Questions / Replies

Question: Skopelos has an airport or not

Reply: Skopelos has no airport. Guests may be served by the airports Skiathos JSI ALEXANDROS PAPADIAMANTIS , New Anghialos VOLOS AIRPORT VOL, Athens internation airport ATH Eleftherios Venizelos and Thesaloniki airport Macedonia SKG. Then the island is accessible from these places by public transport. Near to Skopelos island also and the airport of Skyros island (but skopelos is connect 2-3 times only at summer with skyros)

Question: The roads to the beaches are suitable for cycling

Reply: Depends on the area you live and your physical strength. If you send a more specific question depending on the area we will give a better reply.

Question: on Skopelos do you have a camping available

Reply: On Skopelos unfortunately there is no organized camping site.

Question: Are they available day long boat excursions to Alonnisos old village

Reply: Alonnisos old village, a very beautiful traditional village, is a very nice day trip from Skopelos. There are excursion boats leaving from the port of Skopelos early in the morning and return at the afternoon. Some of the excursion boats visit also and other small islands of the national marine park of Alonnisos. Additionally most of the ferry boats and flyingcats can be used as Alonnisos is only 20-30 minutes away from Skopelos and you will have more time to visit the village of Alonnisos . Additionally a small boat goes and to the beach of Glisteri of Skopelos and is possible also and to Agios Ioannis Chapel.