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One more beach on the northern side is Vathias, which is after Glyststeri and shortly before the area Kalogeros.

It is enclosed in a sandy cove with clear waters, and it is usually quiet due to the great distance and the dirt track one must follow to get to the beach.

Located in the lap of a narrow bay with sand and clear water , and is usually quiet because of the long distance and the dirt road , through which you can reach the beach .

Scenic beach in the north of Skopelos . Hardly accessible and I do not think that it is suffering so much because the road is quite difficult.

For those walking however beautiful path ends here shortly after the landfill Skopelos.

When the north wind has better select beaches on the south and west side of the island .

From the beaches on that area better select Glysteri or the Agios Konstantinos.

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