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The small but beautiful beach Spilia you first see it , when descending towards Agios Ioannis sto Kstri ( St. John the castle ) from the road above the coast line. A view that takes your breath away , how you get there now .

So before you get in Ai Yianni the Castle is the church of the Virgin ( Panagias ) , from there starts a dirt road , you leave you car there while the with a motor bike you can go a little lower ( better if everyone prefer to walk) .

In the first dirt road you will find you turn right and at the end of that road you meet the path that leads to the beach with the breathtaking cave .

The route is lovely in nature.

When the port of Skopelos has waves the same will be for this and all the rest northernes beaches .

Lets all of us take our garbage with us and drop them on a bucket up on the road on the return .

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