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Skopelos Settlements

THE SETTLEMENTS ON SKOPELOS. Following the application of the unification programme “Ioannis Kapodistrias” on the island of Skopelos, three (3) Local Departments were created :

1. The Local Department of Skopelos, with the town of Skopelos as its capital and a population of 3.027.

2. The Local Department of Glossa, with the village of Glossa as its capital and a population of 1.195.

3. The Local Department of Klima, with the village of Neo Klima as its capital, and a population of 474. (2001 inventory)

The town of Skopelos –capital of the island, which is on the NE part of the island, is a beautiful small town, amphitheatrically built, with narrow stone-paved uphill alleys and asbestos-whitened houses with roof tiles climbing to the 3 hills and the Castle.

‘One of the main elements that contributed to the declaration of the town of Skopelos as a traditional settlement was its architecture. Skopelos is made up of an amalgamation of architectural rhythms.

Two basic elements, the slate on the roofs of houses and the multitude of churches and the neo-classical elements make the houses of Skopelos stand out.

Also, the town planning on Skopelos, with its adaptation to altitude differences, with its amphitheatrical placement that offers the maximum possible amounts of view, sun and wind, the few arched stoas and the utilization of natural elements has its own beauty and art.

The 37 kilometre road network of the island starts out form Chora, passes through the South part and reached Loutraki, the port of Glossa and second port of the island after Chora.

The road is quite good, literally “smothered” in pine trees, of course with several bends.

The route is unique, as you will go past most of the beaches of the island: from Stafylos, Agnontas, Limnonari, Panormos bay, from Milies and Kastani –one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, from Elios or Neo Klima, a relevantly new village, to Palio Klima and Glossa, and you will end your tour following the main road at Loutraki, the second port of the island, which is on the South side, opposite the island of Skiathos.