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Skopelos Beaches

Skopelos beaches. On Skopelos you will find some of the most beautiful Aegean sea beaches. They are all famous for their crystal clear blue-green waters, as well as the fact that they are surrounded by countless pine trees.

In face, in some of these, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the pine trees almost enter the sea.

Each beach on Skopelos is unique and has its own beauty. Some await you to discover them and reach them either following a footpath or reaching them by boat. What is certain is that wherever you go, you will have a wonderful time and your vacations will be dreamy.

If you reach the island by boat or rent a boat, you will have the fortune to swim in wonderful isolated beaches, while by car, motorbike or the bus that does the route Skopelos to Glossa, you will find the immense Milia, the little Antrines, the unique Kastani, Chovolo, Limnonari, Stafylo and Velanio, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, which continues to gather unrepentant nudists and those who can bear the walk.

At unique Panormos, bathing at sunset is an unforgettable experience; you think you are swimming in a river of golden waters as the sun sets on the horizon, while at Milia you can swim to a background of countless pine trees and aidyllic sunset.

When the north wind blows ( when the port of Skopelos has high waves )  is preferable to avoid that day all the northern beaches while the same time the western and southern beaches have perfectly calm waters for swimming .

When see all the beaches on your screen , view / print our map with the locations of the beaches to take it with you to the island and you can find the beaches easily during your stay on our island .

On MENU SKOPELOS, USEFUL, MAPS OF SKOPELOS, you can find and print or download the map with the beaches of Skopelos in high resolution