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Pethamenis (Kanalaki)

Between the beaches Perivoliou and Chondrogianni is the beach of Pethameni. A strange name and a little macabre (it means Dead Woman in Greek), which it received after the discovery of a dead woman there about forty years ago.

After leaving your car on the main road, you will have to walk for some time (the road is not suitable for slippers!) to get to the beach.

Two small gulfs, sand and crystal clear waters will make it worthwhile.

Whichever beach on Skopelos you choose to swim at, one thing is sure: that you will enjoy crystal clear waters with blue-green colours, and the countless pine trees as a background, so pleasing to the eye and the mind!

Pethamenis Beach Skopelos

Those who do not love the hassle do not make the effort to go to the beach and choose best beach Perivoliou or Chondroyiorgis ( we suggest perivoliou).

Now what can you say about this beach .

For those who of course love the trails and secluded beaches .. So just before you reach the gardens and see a sign that says to Perivoliou but also to Hontrogeorgis , you twisted to Hontrogeorgis and just before you reach the beach Hontrogeorgis see to the left a dirt road.

Park there and walk a very short path ( but in the end needs some attention because you will be walking on the rocks ) and ended up in a dream beach , this beach like all northern Perivoliou Glisteri St. John etc should be avoided when we winds .

Whichever beach of Skopelos you choose to swim , however , it is certain that you will enjoy crystal clear waters with unique turquoise color and background countless pine trees soothe the eye and the mind.

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