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On the north-east side of the island, near the village of Glossa, there are some beaches –less easily accessible than those of the south side, but of exceptional and wild beauty.

Following the tarmac road that starts out from Glossa and goes directly above it, you will reach the beach Perivoliou. Following the small footpath with the cement steps, you will reach a beautiful beach, with clear blue waters and impressive rocks that cast their shadows on the beach.

Due to its position, the beach is affected by north winds. Shortly before you reach the beach, you will see on your right a sculptured and painted stone. Go down to visit the particular Acropolis mparmpa Stelios Karvelis has created.

His works –from sculptured stone- are scattered around the estate and they portray the family of mparmpa-Stelios!

The beach from 2016 has and a canteen.

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